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15 October 2008 @ 07:11 pm
It appears as though we have an imposter among us. This is unacceptable to the highest degree. I strongly suggest everyone personally attack this delusional retard by sending private messages (since she has disabled non-friends commenting to her entries).

Some excerpts that make me want to vomit:

"Hi everyone! My name is Mini-Mooie. I am a cute baby cow. You can't help but love me. :D Janine made me this journal so that I can write about my adventures. It sounds like fun! [...] Snuggling is one of my favorite things to do! Last night I was with Janine. The two of them trade me off. I got to snuggle and I got 5 kissies from her!"
I can help but love you. You're functionally retarded, and even the "functionally" part is questionable. Also? Cows don't snuggle. Perhaps you're getting them confused with another animal - like a cat?

"Let's see...what have I been up to? Well, I've been doing lots of Marky and Janine snuggling, as always. They are super-cute. I can't wait until I find a female mini-mooie to be cute with, too!
I love my life. I get lots of love and pettings and snuggles. It's like mooie heaven!
Anyway, I need to do some Marky-snuggling."

You might be experiencing a chronic manic episode right now. Seek therapy before you accidentally kill yourself. Wait, no. Strike that.

"Today was fun! I got to protect Marky from the evil monsters in the kitchen. They wanted his food, and to eat him! And I licked them all to pieces! Marky said I did a good job and he let me eat some of his nummy thingies! They were delishus. Delishous? Delishoes? Aww, I don't know how to spell that word, it's too big!"
Aw, you found other mentally handicapped people to pway with!! Maybe you can ask your special education teacher if she could teach you how to spell simple words tomorrow?

"Mark took me to a thing last night which had a bunch of people, and it had some beer! I tried some, but I didn't like it. It tasted weird! But they had pizza, and I like pizza. Because pizza has cheese, and cheese comes from cows like me! Yep, we cows make cheese, and we love making cheese, because cheese is good!"
First, cows don't personally make the cheese. Second, you really shouldn't drink, you know, because of your condition.

"Soooo today Daddy was really busy at work, so I got to go wander around the office. I went over to the art department and got to watch somebody painting on his computer!"
Oooh, did daddy spank you to?!

"Me and Fudge are having lots of fun running up and down the hall. She's better at it than me though, but that's okay! Daddy told her not to eat me too, but I don't think she would, I'm too cute."
How can someone be better at running-you know what, never mind.

I think I lost twenty IQ points thanks to this moron.
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15 October 2008 @ 05:11 pm
Amanda: I could really use that Midrin. Knocked out for two days, not feel a damn thing. Be nice.
Heather: Midrin sucks. You need to find some ~love.
Amanda: Where's my ~love, Heather? Did you ever wonder what people will think when they read that?
Heather: Hmm. Actually hadn't considered how other people would see that. Sounds kind of wrong, doesn't it? Anyway, you should visit sometime, I have some ~love you might be interested in.
Amanda: Mini Moo has ~love for Moo? Oooh!
Heather: I've got some ~love for you. But you have to come get it.
Amanda: How to get to the ~love that you have for me. .how?? I must. .have it. .
Heather: To get the ~love. . . you have to do something ~special for me.
Amanda: *does ~special something* NOW GOD DAMMIT WHERE IS IT?!?
Heather: Come closer and I'll give the ~love to you.
Amanda: *inches backward then steps forward* Ha.
Heather: Teasing, are we?
Amanda: Mayyybe.
Heather: I like that. *pulls small bag of ~love out of pocket* Come. Get. It. *seductively places bag of love in mouth*
Amanda: I'm not falling into the seduction of the ~love! Not this time!!*defiantly walks away from the bag. glances back longingly* No.
Heather: Damn you, Moo! Damn yoooooooou! *wonders off to take a cold shower*
Amanda: *is distrubed* You were. .um. .

I just had to warn her this would become softcore porn if she didn't end it soon. . .
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15 October 2008 @ 05:26 pm
Heather: You suck.
Amanda: Didn't we go over that yesterday?
Heather: Yes. And it was enjoyable.
Amanda: I'm not admitting that today.
Heather: Come on.
Amanda: Fine, yes I do.
Heather: HEE!
Heather: *signs in as IHM*
Amanda: Knew it!
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The Mooing: The faint cry of a moo. .
15 October 2008 @ 05:10 pm
Amanda: Can't keep up.
Amanda: *gives up*
Amanda: *fails*
Amanda: I suck.
Amanda: CRAP!
Amanda: I did not just say that.
Heather: :D
Amanda: I DIDN'T SAY IT!
Heather: Verbal contract. Been agreed upon by all parties.
Amanda: NEVER!!!!
Amanda: Dammit.
Amanda: Verbal contracts aren't legally binding in court.
Heather: Written contract. *saves conversation*
Amanda: DAMMIT!
Amanda: FUCK!
Heather: Official law.
Heather: Amanda sucks.
Amanda:God dammit.
Heather: This is awesome. Glad I came back.
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15 October 2008 @ 04:52 pm
This community is for Moos only.

And we are not accepting new members unless you meet the proper Moo qualifications.